Professional Development Courses

IACET Accredited Professional Development Certificate Courses

CORA is excited to partner with institutions to offer professional development around enhancing the ability to better serve men of color through our Men of Color series which includes Teaching Men of Color in the Community college, Supporting Men of Color in the Community College, and Teaching Boys and Young Men of Color and our Racial Equity in Education Series which include Racial Microaggressions, Unconscious Bias, and Best Practices in Teaching in the Community College.
The following continuing education courses are designed for educators at both K-12 and Postsecondary institutions. Learners will receive continuing education credits once the course is completed.

  • Best Practices For Teaching in the Community College

    This program provides school, college and university educators with an introduction to racial microaggressions and their numerous manifestations in educational settings. The program also provides recommendations on how to reduce the prevalence and influence of microaggressions on recipients.

  • Black Ally Program – “Dismantling Anti-Blackness on Your Campus: Core Competencies for Allies” new


    Many schools and colleges have opportunities for students and educators to participate in ally programs. These programs are essential to create an understanding of challenges facing specific populations and strategies that can be employed to foster a more welcoming and supportive environment. Campuses that seek to foster enhanced outcomes for Black students and educators must similarly ensure that their communities are engaged in professional learning that enhances their ability to support their Black/African American community. While many organizations have released statements affirming their support of Black people and communities, these statements must translate to real change and action. We will explore frameworks and strategies toward addressing this phenomenon that are sustainable, transformative and rooted in justice at both the individual and institutional levels. 

  • Black Minds Matter

    Black Minds Matter is a public series that is designed to raise the national consciousness about issues facing Black students in education. The series intentionally addresses the pervasive undervaluing and criminalization of Black minds. Tangible solutions for promoting the learning, development, and success of Black students are offered.

  • Course Design for Racial Equity new

    Anti-racism is the act of engaging in actions that intentionally counter-act racism against Black, Indigineous and People of Color (BIPOC). As noted by scholar Ibram Kendi notes that the opposite of racisms is not being non-racist, but being “anti-racist.” Bearing this in mind, this program aims to provide educators with the tools to engage in anti-racist course design, for online and in-person modalities. Participants will learn how racism impacts students’ learning, growth and development as well as tangible strategies to intentionally counter-act the challenges in their curricula. This will include tangible recommendations for course titles, learning objectives, syllabi, lesson planning and more. Certificate program = 1.5 CEUs, 15 hours. Make this program available to all your instructional teachers and faculty. 

  • Designing Equity Minded Professional Learning Programs new


    Professional Learning (PL) can be leveraged to catalyze campus transformation and introduce learning opportunities for education professionals to learn evidence-based practices that support student success. This course will provide higher education practitioners with information to intentionally design professional learning with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as core competency areas. In addition, the course will provide an overview of professional learning, and its impact on student success and introduce a framework for strategic planning. The framework can be applied to a new program or a current program.

  • Equity Minded Institutional Research Practices

  • Equity Minded Leadership new

  • Equity Minded Strategic Planning for Higher Education Institutions

  • LatinXAlly

    Frameworks and strategies towards addressing the needs of Latin students; How to be an ally at all levels of educational institutions & professional spaces, including in digital learning environments.
  • Leadership Theory and the Community College

  • Program Design for Digital Equity

    This program aims to provide educators with the tools to engage in anti-racist program design, for online learning. Participants will learn how racism impacts students’ learning, growth, and development as well as tangible strategies to intentionally counter-act challenges in their curricula and digital experience