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The methods and approaches that you apply for teaching white students may not work for students of color. That’s why it’s imperative to hone your teaching skills and become a well-rounded educator. One way to do so is by taking professional development. Many institutions across the United States are offering certification programs, interactive sessions, and workshops on myriads of topics. Whether you are a full-time faculty, an adjunct, or a school teacher, you can develop your teaching skills with short courses online. If you’re interested in providing better teaching to students of color, then join CORA’s online teaching courses for community college faculty and school teachers.

online teaching courses for community college faculty

Advantage of CORA’s Online Teaching Programs

We have poured in lots of research and efforts in designing our online teaching courses to help you learn to teach men of color better. The strategies and approaches that we teach are derived from practical instances related to the historically underrepresented and underserved students. Enrolling in our online training programs will provide you with comprehensive insights into the circumstances that contribute to the disparate outcomes in work and education for men of color. Moreover, you can also earn CEUs by enrolling in online professional development courses. The training courses are designed by Dr. Frank Harris III and Dr. J. Luke Wood, who are committed for enhancing the capacity of educators and community colleges to improve academic outcomes for men of color.