About Lasana O. Hotep

Lasana O. Hotep is an antiracist/antisexist educator, writer, and equity-advancing executive coach. He writes and speaks globally about educational equity, anti- Blackness, and racial justice within organizations and society at-large. He has delivered transformative, multi-media presentations throughout the United States and abroad in Beijing, China and Accra, Ghana. As a writer, he has contributed to seven books and is the co-author of the recently published Minding the Obligation Gap in Community Colleges and Beyond: Theory and Practice in Achieving Educational Equity. For over 20 years, Lasana has provided equity-advancing consultation to academic institutions, community-based organizations, and corporations. Some of his most note-worthy accomplishments include developing the Equity Training series (ETS) and serving as the founding Executive Director of the Equity Institute (EI). Currently, Lasana serves as the Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) at the University of California, Berkeley.